Winter veils the countryside in a blanket of white. Delicate snowflakes flutter through the air. Cardinals, perched amongst pine boughs, look like brilliant red ornaments. Intensely colored sunsets are beautifully reflected by snowy hills and icy lakes. Although winter is a season of stark contrast, the senses are awakened to appreciate tiny vignettes of natural beauty.

Even the smallest details make a difference in our homes and offices. A home is created with personal touches, such as a holly wreath on the front door. Candles, richly scented of hazelnut coffee or gingerbread, create homey ambiance. Now is the time of year to make the beds with the coziest of flannels and down comforters. Offices can be warmed up with decorative touches, such as an oriental rug in the reception area. An apothecary jar filled with candy cane sticks offers sweet treats for employees and clients. Herbal topiaries, festooned with velvet ribbons, add a fragrant and seasonal touch. Mailings can feature textured papers and rich colors. Unexpected visuals, like exotic beaches and tropical flowers, can capture a client’s attention. Plan ahead for special events and celebrations. Artwork can reflect a childhood memory, favorite vacation spot, beloved family pet, or anything else your heart desires. Let the blank canvas of winter be an inspiration to your imagination.

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