Welcome to Heatherby, a resource for creative design, illustration, and art personalized to fit your needs with classic style.

Are you seeking professionalism and consistency in corporate correspondence? Custom business stationery, note cards, and newsletters are the perfect solution. Or perhaps you are looking for a special gift? Delicate watercolors, pencil drawings, and ink sketches are a unique option. Heatherby is dedicated to fulfilling your artistic needs for business and for home.

After graduating from UW Madison with an art degree in 1997, I worked at a stained-glass studio for several years, before getting married and finding a new job in the marketing department of an art museum.

Now, in my home studio, whether I am creating custom artwork or graphic design, I work hard to provide consistently good results.


Explore my on-line portfolio of graphic design, illustration, and fine art. Visit my “Inspirations” page to discover unique ways to connect your life and business with the ever-changing seasons.

I look forward to an opportunity to work with you!

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